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About Professor


  Name Choi, Jinsook   School Division of General Studies  Title Assistant Professor  ..


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Research Interest

cultural anthropology, language and culture, Latin America, race and ethnic identity


Prominent Research Achievements


 2010  "El uso de los dos idiomas en Momostenango"  in R.Carmack and H. Ak'ab'al (eds.)
         La Comunidad K'iche'-Maya de Santiago Momostenango : Su Hisoria, Cultura,
         Lengua y Arte. Guatemala : Maya Wuj
 2009  "The emergence of the discourse of 'Indigenous Peoples' and the reified concept of 'Culture' :
         A case of Guatemala" Revista Ibetoamericana 20(1) : 209-232 (in Korean)

 2008  "A study of Contested Discourses of Mayan Orthography in Guatemala :
         Language Ideology and Mayan Identity" Korean Cultural Anthropology 41(2) : 155-185(in Korean)

 2007  "A Historical Study of the notion of the notion of 'race' in Guatemala"  Asian Journal of Latin American
         Studies 20(3) : 173-195 (in Korean)

 2005  "The Ideological Construction of Mayan Identities in Guatemala : The Reproduction of
         Linguistic Prejudice through Code switching " Korean Cultural Anthropology 38(2) : 3-28 (in Korean)

 2005  "Double Bind between Racialization and Ethnicization : A Study of Mayan Identities in
         Guatemala" Cross-Cultural Studies 11(2) : 143-172 (in Korean)

 2002  The Role of language in ideological construction of Mayan identites in Guatemala.
         Texas Linguistic Forum Vol. 45. Austin: University of Texas.

 2002  People from the mountain have acento indigena (Indian accent) : Dilemmas of Purist
         Discourses in K'iche' Language in Guatemala. Chicago Linguistic Society 38  Edited
         by Mary Andronis. Erin Debenport. Anne Pvcha  &  Keiko Yoshimura.




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